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Microwave's Idle

Microwave is the host of Battle For Diamond Kingdom. He tells the contestants about the challenges and makes meals. He has a slightly nice(unsually), and quite serious host. He has an assitant who hands out prizes at the eliminination. His worst fear on the other hand is to be fired. He tries to be nice to the contstants as well. He also hates being interuppted or when a contstants makes fun of another contestant. At few times he can be a little lazy but does his best to keep his job. 

Friends: Badge, C.H., Flipnote, Yarn, Soup, and Naily(somewhat)

Enemies: Cracker: Reason: Can be very annoying and interupps alot.

Seed: Reason: Makes fun of the other contstants usually, also wants her to get eliminated badly.

Candle: Reason: Your average bully.

On the first episode he ****************SPOILER!!**********

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Microwave's Asset