Tokens are coins you win after a challenge won, you can use them to help you or to get rid of someone else.

Here are the offical tokens of Battle for Diamond Kingdom

Elimination Token

How Often?: In between Rare and Unsual (3.7/10)

You can chose the person of your choice to automatically be eliminated. Even if someone has an immunity they can't be defeated by the elimination token.

Kick Token


Make someone from the opposite team to also be up for elimination. But depending on the person, you can either get the contestant a high chance to be "kicked" off the show or a very low chance, which means you'd be wasting a token.

Immunity Token

How Often?: Usually(7.8/10)


Immunity Boost Token

How Often?: One in a Million(1/1,000,000)

You win immunity until the final 15. This token is even more powerful than the elimination token. That means you make it past the merge and if you are hated by contstants and you got this, then, WOW! YOU'RE SO LUCKY UNTIL THE FINAL 15!!! Unless the host does something about it. Friendship Token

How Often?: Half n Half (5.6/10)

You get to take away all of the votes from a different contestant. If I were you contestants, I WOULDN'T USE THIS, IF I WERE YOU! YOU CAN BE VOTED OUT FAST!!! Lets say you had alot of friends and chose only one of them, the other friends will get real angry and vote you out. SO BE SMART WHEN YOU USE THIS!! Gold Token

How Often? One in a Billion(1/1,000,000,000)

You win immunity until the final 9. This is the 2nd most powerful token in the show. This was so unfair, but the Object House Members said it was alright for now. They said it will not be allowed to be in use until the Final 19.(The Object House Page will come soon)

Switch Token

How Often? Unusual(4.6/10)

You can switch all your votes to somebody else. RISKY!!!! 

Platinum Token

BANNED!!!!!!!!! It makes you automatically win the game.

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